Downtown Scarecrow Contest

Official Rules

Scarecrows will be displayed in Downtown Bennettsville from October 30th through November 30th. Participants must pre-register to reserve their assigned space. Registration may be done in person at the Bennettsville Visitor Center (843-479-3941) during regular business hours, or submitted via email to

The contest is open to businesses, organizations and clubs. There is no fee for entry.

All scarecrows must be in place and completed by the morning of October 30th. The construction should be durable as they may be subjected to severe weather conditions. Scarecrow entry sponsors are required to monitor the state of their scarecrow for the duration of the exhibit. All scarecrows must be designed so that they will stand upright and constructed with materials necessary to display them in an upright manner. Commercially made scarecrows are not allowed.

Scarecrows must be in good taste and appropriate for viewing by the public and families. Must be absent of adult, political and religious themes. No frightening, scary, violent, gruesome or bloody entries will be accepted.

Display location of the scarecrows will be determined by the City of Bennettsville Department of Tourism, Parks & Recreation. Business owners/residents wishing to display their entry in front of THEIR location may do so, but pre-registration is still required by October 18th. Please notify the City of Bennettsville Department of Tourism, Parks & Recreation if you intend to do this so that accommodations may be made for placement of other entries. Any entry not pre-registered will be removed.

Voting on scarecrows will begin on October 30th and continue through November 20th at 4:00 p.m. Voting is open to anyone. Voting will be done online in a photo album on the City of Bennettsville Visit Bennettsville SC Facebook page and in-person at the Bennettsville Community Center. Winners will be announced on November 23rd. Scarecrows can be reclaimed by their sponsors by November 30th. All scarecrows not reclaimed by November 30th will be removed and discarded.